Route to become a software repair professional

Hello Everyone,

I’ve been following gsm hosting for some time now, you’ve been great helpers since my day one in learning until the moment I’m writing this thread, but..

I have faced a huge problem when I started working in this field, perhaps I wasn’t able to perform a proper search to get the information I need, but until I got an idea about what I need wither it is a certain tool or box it took a very long time.

I currently own a mobile repairing warehouse in Egypt, and thanks to all of you, that was possible.

Now I have decided to give back some of what I’ve learned from this forum and outside, making some kind of a manual or a reference for people who are still beginners and I ask everyone to contribute with me making this happen, making it as helpful as possible and also as reference for ourselves when some things we forget.

In the upcoming replies I will be posting as much information about all software tools and boxes what it is used for and how to use it, as well as will do my best to gather as much resources for firmware as possible.

Every help from fellow members will be really appreciated.

so stay tuned. 🙂