RSIM devices seem too be not working with my iPhone5

I have an Austria A1 SIM-locked iPhone 5, and I1m trying to get it working with my local service provider, Vodafone Hungary. I have an RSIM9 Pro and an RSIM10 at my disposal, yet both of them seem to be not working with my phone. I could set them up both, enter the IMSI codes(e.g. 2320100; 2320170; 2320186 etc.); I can activate the phone after restoring with iTunes too, but this is where it gets interesting. After a SIM in/out procedure, a reboot or airplane on/off I get full 5 or 4 signal bars and a nice Vodafone HU text on the status bar, but as soon as I try to make a call; send an SMS or receive a call, the signal bars disappear and the device states "No Service", and I get the "Call Failed" notification. Sometimes I get SMS-es from my provider (vodafone) like the call notifications, or balance status.
Any help is appreciated, please aid me in resolving this problem, it became very frustrating.
I have:
iPhone 5 16GB black model MD297DN/A running iOS 9.2
RSIM9PRO set to A1 AT
RSIM10 (v10.11) set to A1 AT
vodafone HU nanoSIM fairly new
DIY home resized A1 AT SIM card – which seems to be working