s5360 jtag

need solution s5360 jtag eror..
log gpg emmc

Device Ready…OK!
Detecting, please press power on/off button…
Device Ready…OK!
Detection initiated…
Detecting TCK,TDO,TDI,and TMS…
Detecting TRST and SYSRST…
TRST = 3
TDO = 5
TCK = 9
TMS = 11
TDI = 13
CPUID = 7F61B307
Please click [Set PinOuts] button before read or write.
Time: 11.20 s

Device Ready…OK!
Writing in progress(make sure to press Power On key)…
CPU ID: 7F61B307.
Phone doesn’t respond for a long time,please reconnect!
>>Time: 2:44