s6310 repair done but phone still dead only vibrate

i just repair boot s6310 with success ,but phone still dead only vibrate….

Log started at 1/11/2016 6:28:00 PM …
Welcome to Octoplus JTAG Box Software version 1.9.3
Operating Mode: EasyRepair Mode
Selected device model: Samsung GT-S6310
Connecting. Please wait…
Checking data…
VREF = 0.0V is less than required level. Please check target device power supply.
MI: RTCK reaction time 189 ns, average speed 5291 KHz.
Medusa JTAG Firmware version 1.1.0.
Medusa JTAG Hardware S256 revision D.
Detected TAP ID: 106070E1, IR Length = 4.
MI: Halting target, attempt 1.
JTAG speed : Auto (RTCK).
VREF level : 1.77 V
CPU : Qualcomm MSM7225A
Core ID : 106070E1
MI: Loading Medusa Device Server V1.2.
MI: Starting…
MI: Received status 0xFFFFFFFF, cycle 0.
MI: Received status 0x0000F00F, cycle 1.
MI: Received server capabilities 0x00000191.
MI: Detailed server caps: FLASH, WDOG, A64, IOCTL
MI: Watchdog configuration: 0xB800010C, 0x00000001… ok
MI: Server init.
MI: Received flash ID 0xE0150001.
MI: Flash geometry set.
MI: Recheking settings… ok
Server caps : 00000191
Storage Device: Samsung eMMC J5U00M
Device ID : 00150001
Block size : 512 bytes
Blocks : 7634944
Storage size : 3728 Mb
Opening "C:\Users\Jason\Desktop\SAMSUNG_GTS6310_Repair.mf\ SAMSUNG_GTS6310_Repair.mf" file…
Writing BOOT section. Please wait… Done

was the phone HW failure?