Samsung A310f 2016 After Apply ufd dispaly Gone

After Apply Frp file set display is gone but set is on . when try to go download mode its power reset or unknown upload mode . what is the sloution now?

Device: SM-A310F
Operation: Apply FRP Patch
Port: COM300 : SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem #25
Checking for Device… Found [Download Mode]
Reading Data from Phone… Done
Chipset: LSI7580 [HiSpeed]
Applying Patch Data… . . . Done
Closing Session… Done
—————- IMPORTANT —————-
Wait for phone to reboot and turn on fully or TURN ON manually.
Please install driver once SAMSUNG_Android Device is detected.
Once ADB Drivers are installed, use Reset FRP button.
Elapsed Time: 00:14

Device: SM-A310F
Operation: Reset FRP
Searching for Device… Found
Model: SM-A310F
Bootloader: A310FXXU2APC1
Android Version: 6.0.1
Resetting FRP Lock… Done
—————- IMPORTANT —————-
Tap Next > Next > Accept Agreement on phone to enter Home Screen.
Goto Menu > Settings > Backup and Reset > Factory data reset.
Operation Finished.
Elapsed Time: 00:07
[Ultimate Samsung Flasher v0.7]