samsung clone s7562 HANG need file

customer reset the device after that device stuck on no sim card in device when i press skip it again shows this.i can select language at that time touch working perfectly..
i flashed with tis file S7562 china mt6575 by masud 100%ok.rar but touch not working then i flashed original readed file again same problm

Action : Write Flash
1.Remove Battery, Insert usb cable, Insert battery
2.power off Phone, Remove & Reinsert Battery , insert USB Cable
(In Case Some Phone Required to hold bootkey)
Waiting for Phone Usb…
Phone found [ USB Port:COM7 ]
Connection Done.
Read CPU Info…
CPU_ID: 6575
CPU_SW: E201
uploading boot image to RAM…
Handshake received from Phone.
Detected eMMC FlashType.
eMMC cid: 7001004D4D43303447
CHIP : MT65750000
EMMC ID : 7001004D4D43303447
EMMC Size: 4GB, usable capacity: 3.55GB
EMMC Name: eMMC_Kingston_KE4CN2L2HA8A2A
Read Hardware Information is done.
Load File : C:\Documents and Settings\APPA\Desktop\CHINA 7562
Image Size: 0x00000000E3000000

Programming Flash Image…
Programming Flash Image Completed.

Action completed
Time taken : 00:08:25
Reconnect Battery/USB Cable
CS-Tool Ver 1.38.15