samsung G298t unlock fail

i am trying to unlock a samsung Galaxy s6 edge (Sm- G928T)

but failure to manage proper root file.
please suggest me something :


Device Detected...
model:= SM-G928T
Androids Version:= 5.1.1
Description Version:= zenltetmo-user 5.1.1 LMY47X G928TUVU2COJ5 release-keys
Platform:= exynos5 [ samsungexynos7420 ]  [ unknown ]
Baseband:= G928TUVU2COJ5
Carrier := TMB_USA
Simstatus:= ABSENT
IMEI-1 = null or empty
ANDROID-ID = 0815f87360d42a03_00006E195B
Device is not rooted

Total Time Take...00:00:13
Log Saved