Samsung g531f unlocking done

Port : ADB Interface
Baud Rate : Not Applicable
Device : Samsung Marvel Phones
Operation : Direct Unlock
Searching for Device… Found
Model : SM-G531F
Version : 5.1.1
Hardware : pxa1908
Baseband : G531FXXU1AOH4
CPU : armeabi-v7a
Type : Unknown
MEID(1) : Null/Empty
Checking Root Status… OK
Root Status : Rooted
Reading Data from Phone… Done
Reading MSL Data… Done
Enabling UART Port… OK
Waiting for User Action… OK
UART Port : COM27 : Z3X BOX Serial Port (COM27)
Checking Phone Connection… Done
Bypassing MSL Security… Done
Reading AKSEED Auth Data… [74-207-5] OK
Sending AKSEED [102-89-128]… OK
Unlocking Phone… Done
If Phone ask for Code, enter 00000000
Rebooting Phone… OK
Operation Finished.
Elapsed Time: 01:31
Module Ver. [1.8]
Log Saved to Logs0204_115858.log

THANX TO shadab.mozaffar