Samsung Galaxy S2 X (SGH-T989D)

Greetings from Canada! Trying to unlock Samsung Galaxy S2 X (SGH-T989D) but I am getting an error.

*#0808# doesn’t do anything
*#9090# leads to a "diag config" with option 1. USB and option 2. UART
*#7284# leads to a "PhoneUtil" with "UART" option 1. Modem and option 2. PDA and "USB" option 1. Modem and option 2. PDA

Every configuration I’ve tried leads to either failure or "Trying on Samsung Mobile USB Serial Port (COM10)" "Already Unlocked" "Unlocked" but when I check sim card it asks for "network unlock code." Does anyone have any suggestions or is there a specific way to do this particular model?

Thanks in advance!