Samsung GT-S7560 SucessFully Flashed Done


    Scanning devices ... 1 found
  Mode:          DOWNLOAD
Detect 1 USB devices not install driver
Load PIT "E:\Z3x-Box\FLASH FILES\SAMSUNG\S7560\signed_kyle_SS_130516.pit" ok
Load One Package "E:\Z3x-Box\FLASH FILES\SAMSUNG\S7560\S7560XXBML1_S7560OXXBMK1_S7560  XXBMK1_HOME.tar.md5" ok
load pit from files ... no pit file selected
Time used : 0.1 s
Load PIT "E:\Z3x-Box\FLASH FILES\SAMSUNG\S7560\signed_kyle_SS_130516.pit" ok
load pit from files ...
Connect to device ...
Device pit saved to D:\BST\backup\samsung\pit\GT-S7560\GT-S7560_2014-07-16_14.37.30.pit
re-partition ...
Write file boot.img ...
Write file recovery.img ...
Write file system.img.ext4 ...
Write file fat.bin ...
Write file cache.img.ext4 ...
Write file hidden.img.ext4 ...
Flash completed
Time used : 6 min 45 s


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