Samsung J2 SM-J200G 100% Read EFS or CErt good file

Samsung J2 SM-J200G 100% Read EFS or CErt good file +
just qcn+efs+sec…. Samsung J5 Sm-j500F

Phone must be rooted!
If the software can’t root the phone automatically,
then you must root your device manually.
1. Power on the phone.
2. Tap 7 times on ‘Build number’ in ‘Settings’-‘About phone’ to enable ‘Developer options’,
go to ‘Settings’-‘Developer options’ and enable ‘USB debugging’.
3. Connect the phone to PC with USB cable, install drivers if needed.
4. Select device in ADB settings.
5. Press ‘Read EFS’ button to read backup or ‘Write EFS’ to restore.
6. Press ‘Read CERT’ button to read certificates or ‘Write CERT’ to restore.
7. Press ‘Write NV DATA’ if you need to restore NV backup.

Operation: Read CERT
Selected model: SM-J200G
Software version: 24.1

Waiting ADB device… OK
Reading phone info…
Model: SM-J200G
Android version: 5.1.1
Product code: SM-J200GZDDINS
Phone version: J200GDDU1AOI3
PDA version: J200GDDU1AOI3
CSC version: J200GODD1AOI3
CSC country code: India
CSC sales code: INS
HW version: MP 0.200
Phone S/N: RZ8G90YKASV
Modem board: SHANNON308
RF cal date: 20150926
Checking Super user right… true
Initialization AT RIL… OK
Initializating zTool… OK
Running zTool, please wait… OK
Reading nv data… OK
Checking NV data… OK
Certificate file saved to C:\Program Files\Z3X\Samsung\SamsungTool\backup\Cert\SM-J200G_RZ8G90YKASV_353508079730938_353509079730936_ 24-1-2016_18-35-6.cert

Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.24.1

download link

just thank press batton


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