Samsung N7100 IMEI Repaier SucessFully Done


Gathering phone info...
Model: GT-N7100
Android Version: 4.1.2
PDA Version: N7100XXDMC3
Phone Version: N7100BUDMD1
CSC Version: N7100VFGDMD1
Serial Number: R31C91J0VNR
Imei: 3536270522xxxxx

Checking root state...
Not rooted.

Rooting by default root method...

Checking root state...

Repairing imei...
Storing secure image if necessary.
Checking secure image.
Storing baseband.
Checking baseband.
Preparing baseband.
Restarting phone.
Waiting for ADB connection. Be patient! Do NOT disconnect the phone!
Restoring baseband.
Preparing baseband.
Preparing secure block.
Preparing image 0.
Preparing image 1.
Preparing image 2.