Samsung S6 edge+ G928F bricked

Hello! The problem is this: Root right on the phone.
Considered EFS. And then I do not know what happened, the phone has become a brick.
Just showing a blue screen with a triangle, and requests to connect the Smart Switch.
But nothing works because he became a mode download every 2 minutes to reboot.
As download mode, and emergency mode of the triangle.
Please help to restore the machine.


BST logs:

Manufacturer: SAMSUNG
Model: SM-G928F
Mode: normal
Check …
system Information
ID Display: LMY47X
System Version: 5.1.1 REL
API Level 22
Incremental: G928FXXU2AOL2
Model: SM-G928F
Brand: samsung
Device: zenlte
Platform: exynos5
Languages: en
Location: GB
Device Information
Serial number: 02153 ****************
Iron: samsungexynos7420
Model: zenlte
PDA version: G928FXXU2AOL2
Phone version: G928FXXU2AOL2
Bootloader Ver: G928FXXU2AOL2
Ril Hw version: MP 0.500
Sales Code: XEF
Failed to get information about Bluetooth,
WiFi MAC: ec: 1f: 72: c8: 4d: 96
WiFi interface:
WiFi state: SCANNING
Have Root: No ROOT