samsung s6 g920a not yet unlock

here is the log
Gathering phone info…
Collecting information. Be patient! Do NOT disconnect the phone!
Model: SM-G920A
Sales Code: ATT
Country Code: USA
Timezone: Africa/Lagos
Android Version: 5.1.1 [LMY47X]
Build Date: Sat Sep 19 11:14:42 KST 2015
PDA Version: G920AUCU3BOI2 [september 2015, rev2]
Phone Version: G920AUCU3BOI2 [september 2015, rev2]
CSC Version: G920AATT3BOI2 [september 2015, rev2]
Product Code: SM2G920AZKAATT
Board Platform: EXYNOS5
Modem Platform: SHANNON333
Serial Number: R38GA0W00HA
Imei: 3577430xxxxxxxx
Unique Number: 0815F80CCA450604
Connections: AT,MTP
Battery Status: 3.71V (18%)
Network Type: GSM
Knox Version: v30
Warranty Bit: 0

Checking custom root image…
This model is not available custom root image.
Unable to root. Retry or root manually. Click here to download rooting tools.
Finished at local time: [01.13.16 15:26:25]
WorkID: 8772814