samsung s7392 Network is successfully repaired

after flash s7392 network not registered

network repair with octopus

Platform: Samsung Broadcom
Selected port: COM51
Selected model: GT-S7392
Connecting to phone on COM50
Detected phone model: GT-S7392
SW version: S7392XWUAMK5/S7392OXEAMK3/S7392XXUAMK3/S7392XWUAMK5
HW Version: GT-S7392MKASER
Phone IMEI A: 35xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
ADB server killed.
Firmware compiled date: Sat Nov 23 11:29:42 EET 2013
Phone SN: RZ1D95XF0QE
Android version: 4.1.2 (JZO54K)
Checking Root:
Please, press "Allow" button on the phone if it’s need.
Phone is Rooted.
Repairing network. Please wait, this can take some time…
Network is successfully repaired.
Please, restart the phone to apply changes