Samsung S7562 Pattern Unlocked w/o USB DBG w/o Losing 1Bit of UserData

Hello There;
– just turn the phone on
– connect to pc
– open UMT GSM Tool, Click on "Scan", Choose "Samsung Mobile USB Modem"
– Click on "SAMSUNG" tab, in "Tools" Section, click on 2nd drop-down menu and choose "Remove Lock (AT)", click on "Do Job"
– wait till UMT do the job. 🙂

Here’s Log:


Port    : COM256 : SAMSUNG Mobile USB Modem #105
Baud Rate    : 115200
Device    : Samsung 01F
Operation    : Remove Locks (AT)
Opening Port... OK
Reading Information... OK
Model    : GT-S7562
IMEI    : 355995051957043
Version Info    : S7562XXBMJ1
    : S7562OJVBMK1
    : S7562XXBMJ1
    : S7562XXBMJ1
Checking Device Compatibility... OK
Preparing Device... OK
Removing Locks, Please Wait... OK
Enter Any Pattern/Code to Unlock Screen.
Goto Settings and Set Screen Lock to None.
Port Closed.
Operation Finished.
Elapsed Time: 00:15
Module Ver. [1.6]
Log Saved to Logs0107_130520.log