Samsung SM-G900H Unlock SUCESSFULLY Done


      Scanning devices ... 1 found
  Manufactory:    SAMSUNG
  Model:          SM-G900H
  Hardware:      UNIVERSAL5422
  Mode:          normal
Checking environment ...
System Info
  Display ID:    KOT49H
  System Ver:    4.4.2 REL
  API Level:      19
  Incremental:    G900HXXU1ANE2
  Model:          SM-G900H
  Brand:          samsung
  Device:        k3g
  Platform:      exynos5
  Language:      en
  Rigion:        GB
Device Info
  SerialNumber:  4d00a93f4be0317d
  Hardware:      universal5422
  Model:          k3g
  PDA Version:    G900HXXU1ANE2
  Phone Version:  G900HXXU1ANE2
  Bootloader ver: G900HXXU1ANE2
  Ril Hw Version: MP 0.800
  Sales Code:    CGU
  Model ID:      G900H
  Get Bluetooth info failed
  Get WI-FI info failed
  Network [1]:    GSM    IMEI: 353285063XXXXXX
  Root Access:    ROOTED
Time used : 2.6 s
Prepare environment ...
Backup EFS ... C:\BST\backup\samsung\efs\SM-G900H\EFS_samsung_SM-G900H_353285063XXXXXX_2014-07-22_10.11.55 ok
Prepare environment ...
Bypass MSL ...
Detect new security ...
Backup EFS ... C:\BST\backup\samsung\efs\SM-G900H\EFS_samsung_SM-G900H_353285063XXXXXX_2014-07-22_10.13.11  ok
Update device ...
Reboot device to NORMAL mode ...
Wait device ready ...
Device Authentication ...
Unlocking device ... ok
All lock written to '00000000'
Reboot device to NORMAL mode ...
Re-scan device before any operation please
Time used : 9 min 49 s