samsung T889V PROB flash

after flash
the cell remains of Samsung and will not start

[Firmware update started.]

Checking firmware presence…
Firmware version: T889VVLUDNH3/T889VYVLDNH3/T889VVLUDNH3/T889VVLUDNH3
Firmware version friendly name: KitKat(Android 4.4.2)
Starting / resuming firmware download.

Downloading firmware…

Extracting firmware…
Unzipping firmware: 5.

Processing firmware…

Flashing firmware…
Waiting for download mode.
Reading PIT.
Flashing sboot.bin.
Flashing tz.img.
Flashing boot.img.
Flashing recovery.img.
Flashing system.img.
Flashing cache.img.
Flashing hidden.img.
Flashing modem.bin.
Restarting phone.

Finished successfully.
Finished at local time: [02.26.16 15:00:17]
WorkID: 9472719