samsung t899 unlock

still no solution to this cell:confused::confused::confused:
Welcome to Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung software version 2.3.7
To connect SGH-T899M phone you have to perform the following
1. Disconnect cable from phone.
2. Go to dial window.
3. Enter "##634#" number.
4. Input *#7284# code.
5. Select "QC RmNetComposite" option.
6. Press "OK" button.
7. Wait until phone restart.
8. Press "Read Info" in software.

Selected port: COM213
Selected model: SGH-T899M
Mode: Normal
Phone model: SGH-T899M
Firmware compiled date: Aug 30 2013
Firmware compiled time: 06:00:00
Firmware released date: Nov 21 2013
Firmware released time: 14:25:13
Phone IMEI: 354054-05-016577-7
SW version: M8960A-AAAANAZM-2.0.09098
Unlocking phone…
Reading security failed
Phone unlocking failed
Performed by 2.3.7 Software version.