Samsung unlock codes: warning (NY STOP)

We’ve seen this happen every year for the last 3 years….

Every year all Samsung unlock code services go offline because Samsung changes all security protocols. ‘All of the sudden’ and ‘out of the blue’ all services go offline on all websites world wide, providers (like us) get to hear they will be back online in a few days after Christmas (but they don’t)…

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Altought most likely unlock codes for Samsung will STOP for a few weeks… Simlock Remote Client software, our software, WON’T! So you can keep unlocking your Samsung’s at

Recently added HOT new models are the Galaxy Grand Prime SM-G530AZ (including Android 5.1.1 no root or knox problems!), Galaxy A5, Note 4 (SM-N910T including Android 5.1.1 no root and no KNOX problems), SM-P605 (again no root and no KNOX probs) and more to follow!

So get your Holiday unlocking on at:

Happy holidays and keep unlocking!