sc-04f unlock problem

this model is unlock success but still locked i try manula code 11111111.12345678,00000000 but no luck
here is log
Welcome to Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung software version 2.3.0
To connect SC-04F phone you have to perform the following steps:
1. Disconnect USB cable from phone.
2. Go to Menu->Settings->More->About Device.
3.Tap on "Build number" 7 times to enable developer options.
4. Go to Menu->Settings->More->Developer options.
5. Turn on "USB Debugging" option.
6. Go to dial window.
7. Enter "*#0808#" number.
8. Select "DM+Modem+ADB".
9. Press Home button.
10. Restart phone.
11. Press "Read Info" in software.
Platform: Samsung Android
Selected port: COM6
Selected model: SC-04F
Reading info…
Mode: Normal
Firmware compiled date: Oct 06 2015
Firmware compiled time: 02:00:00
Firmware released date: Oct 27 2015
Firmware released time: 08:31:12
SW Version: MPSS.DI.2.0.1.c2.9-00013-M8974AAAAANRZM-1
Detected phone model: SC-04F
Firmware compiled date: Fri Oct 30 14:59:40 KST 2015
PDA version: SC04FOMU1WOJ1
CSC version: SC04FDCM1WOJ1
SW version: SC04FOMU1WOJ1
Phone SN: R38F508JJLT
Android version: 5.0 (LRX21T)
Country: JP
HW platform: msm8974
HW Chip: MSM8974PRO
HW Modem: MSM8974PRO
Codename: SC-04F
Checking Root:
Phone is Rooted.
Reading security backup, please wait…
Backup saved as Security-SC-04F-02-08-2016_18-08-42 file
Unlocking phone…
Phone will restart now. Please don’t disconnect cable!
Phone is successfully unlocked
To finish the operation, please restart the phone via phone’s menu.
Performed by 2.3.0 software version