Sigma pack activation

Hello, please check this problem:
I activated pack 2 in order to unlock Huawei P8 lite, and get this error


SigmaKey v.2.19.00
xxxxxxxxxx Sigma dongle 2.19, Initializing...OK
Pack 1: Not activated
Pack 2: Activated
--------- 2016-09-08 23:56:57 ---------
SigmaKey 2.19.00 HiSi: Direct unlock
Android Adapter PCUI (COM205), Provider: Huawei Incorporated, Driver ver.:, Date: 4/8/2015, USB\VID_12D1&PID_105C&REV_9999&MI_02
....You should activate required PACK to work with this model.
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Please tell me what’s wrong
Order invoice :1450148887