sm a510y after combination file blinking

hi team
for frp reset i write combination file and after that my fone is blinking on Samsung a5 logo
here is log

Welcome to Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung software version 2.3.9
Platform: Samsung Android
Selected port: COM44
Selected model: SM-A510Y
Connecting to server…
Connecting to server…Ok!
Checking resource files…
Resource files already downloaded.
Please put the phone into Download Mode and connect USB cable.
To put SM-A510Y into Download Mode, You have to perform the
following steps:
1. Reconnect the battery.
2. Press and hold "Volume-" + "Home" + "Power ON" keys.
3. When phone turns on, press "Volume+" key.
Waiting for phone…
Firmware write started.
Writing Boot section…
Boot section has been written successfully.
Searching for a phone (waiting for ADB device)…
plz suggest me any solution i try to write this file but it fail at s.boot


plz help :confused: