SM-G530T I cannot write cert and superimei too

Fw.Ver : BstKey V3.28
Serial : 3CC4-6338-5F39-7089
Active User: benaja
PL2303 : 2013-02-05 (OK)
Best Smart Tools, Load OK.

Scanning devices … 1 found
Manufactory: SAMSUNG
Model: SM-G530T
Hardware: QCOM
Mode: normal
Download: Press Vol Dn + Home + Power

UART Cable Resistor: 523 K
1. Type *#0808# and set USB to AP.
2. Set "USB Settings" to "DM+MODEM+ADB".
3. Click "OK".
Cables: MicroUSB
Interface: Auto, Change UART when request

Read Info/Flashing/UserLock/Backup:
Cables: MicroUSB
Interface: Auto

Prepare environment …
Backup EFS … C:\BST\backup\samsung\efs\SM-G530T\ ok
Wiping EFS … ok
Reboot device to NORMAL mode …
Re-scan device before any operation please
Time used : 36.7 s

Connect to device …
Device Authentication … failed with MSL