SM-G925F_Error SW REV. Check Fail Device 4. Binary 3

i receive one s6 Edge that was softbricked. What happened customer never tell it.
The phone just shows an error occurs, connect it with smartswitch.

in DM the phone also displays: "
Error SW REV. Check Fail Device 4. Binary 3"

Smartswitch fails to restore the phone after many attempts. Many attempts of Flashing the phone with 3 differents Tools fails

After 48 hours researches, i found on XDA Dev. that one can flash a special Bootloader (AP_BL_Modem_4DPG2_G925F) and any 4DPxx Firmware, i got this one (G925FXXS4DPGK_G925FOJV3DPB4_G925FXXS4DPG3_G925FXX S4DPGK_LYS).

The flashing went smoothly through. But the phone has a bootloop. No way to enter recovery modus.

Any help to fix it will be appreciated.