SM-G925T: UVS3DOJC how to unlock

I have SM-G925T T-mobile and need to unlock

I made the root, then tried to unlock


Waiting ADB device...
Please, allow USB debugging on phone... OK
Reading phone info...
Model: SM-G925T
Android version: 5.1.1
Product code: SM-G925TZKETMB
Phone version: G925TUVS3DOJC
PDA version: G925TUVS3DOJC
CSC version: G925TTMB3DOJC
CSC country code: USA
CSC sales code: TMB
HW version: REV0.2
Phone S/N: R58G515CX3M
Modem board: SHANNON333
RF cal date: 20150515
Checking Super user right... true
Initializating zTool... OK
Running zTool, please wait... error (7.7.8)

Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.23.9

then I put firmware UVU2COF8 with flashing just the system and still had no success
After i flashed G925T-UVU2COF6-MODEM.tar.md5 I got imei null-null, made the unlock succefulle, then flashed the original full UVS3DOJC and didnt get the message my phone is locked but I dont have network, so I can call emergency
Now I have my real imei, by dialing *#0011# i got cert is ok
Now i returned nv data and still have the message my device has invalid sim

How can I unlock ?