SM-G930F change imei blacklist write cert

Hello everyone, I wanted to ask questions about a video posted on youtube where a person can write the certificate with a new IMEI code on a galaxy-s7 sm g930f model with original IMEI code blacklist, wanted to know if a compatible certificate another galaxy s7 sm-g930f model it was possible to write a new certificate and a new iMEI code do so via tools pipe dream, I know that for now with the new security samsung CPID does not allow you to write a new compatible certificate from another galaxy s7 model sm-g930f, but it allows you to just write the original certificate, I wanted to know if it was found the method to write a certificate file compatible for galaxy s7, place here the youtube video link showing the writing of cert file on galaxy s7 model sm-g930f via your software tool chimera, if this video is a fake or it were true that we have found a solution for the writing of the new certificate for galaxy s7 in blacklist.

Link change imei blacklist write certificate sm-g930f:

An answer about, thanks to all