SM-G935W8 Unlock Done Successfully with Reading Codes

Platform: Samsung Android
Selected port: COM15
Selected model: SM-G935W8
Please, press "OK" button on the phone to allow USB debugging..
Detected phone model: SM-G935W8
Firmware compiled date: Fri Feb 12 02:29:50 KST 2016
PDA version: G935W8VLU1APB7
CSC version: G935W8OYA1APB7
SW version: G935W8VLU1APB7
Phone SN: RF8H52671NZ
Android version: 6.0.1 (MMB29K)
Country: Canada
HW platform: exynos5
HW Chip: exynos8890
HW Modem: SHANNON335
Codename: hero2ltebmc
Checking Root:
Phone is Rooted.
Reading security backup, please wait…
Backup saved as C:\Program Files (x86)\Octoplus\Octoplus_Samsung\BACKUP\Security-SM-G935W8-Unknown20-07-2016_14-20-15-.asec file
Initializing exploit…
Executing exploit…
Exploit has been executed successfully
Reading phone unlock codes. It can take some time, please wait…
FREEZE unlock code: 86174020
NET LOCK unlock code: 03624150
SUB LOCK unlock code: 00000000
SP LOCK unlock code: 00000000
CP LOCK unlock code: 00000000
SIM LOCK unlock code: 00000000
Work time: 0:00:54