SM-J700h/ds FRP Ver. J700HXXU2APB7 Help

I have a phone SM-J700H/DS New version 5.1.1 new Sboot, I tried to downgrade it to some less versions but NO Luck!!

I need to unlock frp .
Phone SW V: J700HXXU2APB7
Err msg:

Operation: Reset FRP/React/EE
Selected model: SM-J700H/DS
Software version: 26.2

Searching Samsung USB Flash Interface… detected COM11
Setup connection… OK
Reading PIT from phone… OK
Searching FRP lock… OK
Erasing FRP… OK
Searching Reactivation lock… not supported
Searching EE lock… OK
Erasing EE lock… error
Done with Samsung Tool PRO v.26.2

Any person got a solution ?