Smaung S3 i9300 unlock problem

i am facing problem to unlock the samsung s3 i9300.
Android version 4,3
Baseband version I9300BUUGNF1
Build Number JSS15J.I9300XXUGNH4

firstly i Turn ON the USB Debug
then i connect to the OSS Client.but software was continues showing that
"Please first open the USB Debugging"

then i read little bit on the forum and i found two code
*#0808# and *#9090#

please check the image

after that when i connect the phone to the PC then i got error from PC.
the connecting device have malfunction.i try different port and i also change the cable and also restart the the device manager PC detect as unknown device.i also try to uninstall and install again and even that i also install the samsung android Driver and google android Driver and finally samsung Driver but no success.

then i found on the internet that i must Enable the CP logging in the system recovery.but when i check on the system receovery i did not found the CP logging.i think because of old software version of android.

i am using windows 7 64 bit.

now please guide me that how i can solve this i need to update the kernal, if yes then which kernal should i use and after that how i can go back to the orginal kernal.
if you have different option then please share the experience

Best wishes