Sony C2104 Remove MonkeyTest Done BY U.M.T


Port    : ADB Interface
Baud Rate    : Not Applicable
Device    : Android
Operation    : Remove MonkeyTest
Searching for Device... Found
Model    : C2104
Version    : 4.2.2
Hardware    : qcom
Baseband    : 8930B-BAAAATAZQ-3228109-16-1016
SIM Card    : ABSENT
CPU    : armeabi-v7a
Type    : GSM
IMEI(1)    : 356605052xxxxxx
Checking Root Access... OK
Root    : Rooted
Removing MonkeyTest and TimeService... OK
Rebooting Phone... OK
Please Restart Device.
Operation Finished.
Elapsed Time: 00:05
Module Ver. [1.5]
Log Saved to Logs1110_155613.log