[SPD]SKK LYNX LITE virus problem need clean back up

SKK LYNX LITE virus problem need clean back up

action taken:
av scan complete
SExxyy apps still on the phone.:eek::eek::eek:


Mount : /system
State : 0x0003

Model Name  : scx35_s7330_qhdplus_lm_UUI_Multilang_dt
Model Brand : SKK
Model Device: scx35_s7330_qhd_lm
AndrVersion : 4.4.2

Make backup ...
Backup Done!

Running AppManager , wait
AppManager Ready!

Collect and verify data according Dictionary
Collect done : 0x000E
[DDCleaner Info] : Files to remove : 15
[DDCleaner Info] : Additional garbage detected : 1
[DDCleaner Info] : Removed 15
PostFix : Clear RecoveryData Ok!

PostFix : Make Changes Done!
PostFix : Clear UserData Ok!

Elapsed: 00:08:03

Reconnect Power/Cable!

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