SPDTooL_v1.0.0.2055 cannot get from support

I need to unlock one OT-1016D.

An try to use SPD tool.

The latest one seem is SPDTooL_v1.0.0.2055, but support site give me


Error 404

Sorry, the page you requested doesn't exist.

Please use the search system to try found your information.

Or send an email informing us of the broken link.

Latest one that i have is and cannot do the job


Searching phone;
For an successful connection do the following:
1. Remove battery and usb cable
2. Insert the usb cable in the phone
3. Keep pressed the boot key and insert the battery
Phone detected (SCI USB2Serial)
Preparing to sync;
Port opened [COM40];
Mobile type: SPRD3
FDL sent;
ERROR: Sync failed;

Will be nice is someone have newnest downloaded and make a link about.

WBR, DebeliaMark, BG