Spice MI348E RDA

Spiee MI348E Hang On Logo Try To Flash With CM2 But Oparation Failed now Dead And no Connect With PC Any Solution?

Flashing LOG


Operation : Flash
======= Settings
Settings : Factory Settings Enabled
======= Flash
Files set for flashing :
RDATotal File : Spice_Mi-348E_IND_Ver2.3_20150720_rda_total.bin
Load Ok : PDL1
Load Ok : PDL2
Load Ok : bootloader
Load Ok : boot
Load Ok : system
Load Ok : modem
Load Ok : vendor
Load Ok : recovery

Waiting phone ...
Connect battery, press and hold 'VolUP' + 'PowerOn' buttons
Connect USB cable and keep hold buttons, until phone will be detected

Device found!
Handshake Ok!

[PDL] : Setting FlashMode ...
[PDLBoot] : Sending First PDL ...
[PDLBoot] : First Boot Ok!
[PDLBoot] : Sending Second PDL ...
[PDLBoot] : Second Boot Ok!
Boot Finished!
Handshake with FL Ok!

Factory Defaults Enabled, will reset UserData and Settings!
Format UDA partition ...
Format USER Ok

[PDLFlash] : Sending All Images

[PDLFlash] : Processing now BOOTLOADER
File : Spice_Mi-348E_IND_Ver2.3_20150720_rda_total.bin
Flashing ...
[PDLFlash] : Flash region done!

[PDLFlash] : Processing now BOOT
File : Spice_Mi-348E_IND_Ver2.3_20150720_rda_total.bin
Flashing ...
[PDLFlash] : ERROR! PartitionFinalize rejected! Check FlashFile and connection!
Flashing Done!
Reboot Phone

Elapsed: 00:00:22
Reconnect Power/Cable!