Spice Xlife 512 pattern Read Done With CS-Tool


Action : Read Pattern Lock In FlashMode
 1.Remove Battery, Insert usb cable, Insert battery
 2.power off Phone, Remove & Reinsert Battery , insert USB Cable
 (In Case Some Phone Required to hold bootkey)
 Waiting for Phone Usb...
 Phone found [ USB Port:COM4 ]
 Connection Done.
 Read CPU Info...
 CPU_ID: 6572
 CPU_SW: 0000
 uploading boot image to RAM...
 Handshake received from Phone.
 Detected eMMC FlashType.
 uploading boot image to RAM...
 Handshake Received from Phone.
 eMMC cid: 110100303034474530
 CHIP    : MT65720000
 CPU ID  :
 EMMC ID  : 110100303034474530
 EMMC Size: 4GB,  usable capacity: 3.69GB
 EMMC Name: eMMC_Toshiba_004GE0
 Read Hardware Information is done.
 Reading Pattern code ...
 Data found. checking ...
 1  2  3
 4  5  6
 7  8  9
 Code= 7546
 Lock create date: 11/30/2015 12:19:22 PM
 Action completed
 Time taken : 00:00:15
 Reconnect Battery/USB Cable
 CS-Tool Ver 1.38