spookey is dead!!!!

I was disappointed to Spookey Box ..
His because Support File No !!
His updates are recent, only complains That’s it …
Want to Sell its Spookey Box pity, because as if the purchase will not be sold..no Never Update !!!
Features BlackBerry, Try to Flashing To Os.10 Just 1 Click and Remove BB Id …
Compared Box Flasher Else ..
Box Spookey Zaman missed !!!!
His features, his photo File Support Excellent !!
Arguably Very Bad !!!
Mediatek chip variety Series, Support her Never Update, .Menyesal I bought Spookey .. !!!
I advice the Better no files Support Him As Xperia, Htc, Bb Os.5,6,7,10, LG …
So that users of the product spookey No search again on Google …
Why there is writing software Spookey File Support her if its File No !!!!
Team Spookey Very Bad, Not Creative and Lazy !!

Simple File Sharing and Storage.