Stuck in EDL mode

hello team, hope you can help. i try to forced edl mode redmi 3 phone, and it is success. here is log :
Scanning devices … 1 found
dev[1] bfcda7f7
Mode: fastboot
Hardware: ido
Manufactory: UNKNOWN
Detect 1 USB devices not install driver
Boot to EDL mode … done

but when i try to flash with miflash tool can’t find suitable ROM. already try redmi 3, redmi 3s ROM but always retun "reached the end of the file (0x80070026)". any other way to out from EDL mode without flashing ?
PS : i try other redmi 3 flashing with this same way is work fine so i think problem is not in PC for ex driver and cable.

thanks, hope you can help.

best regards,