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samsung sm-g920a , no imei and unknown baseband after unlock

Chimera Mobile Phone Utility version: 14.21.1843 @ 2017-06-28 Printing phone history Unlock 6/28/2017 11:17:12 AM [Unlock phone started] Gathering phone info… Collecting information. Be patient! Do NOT disconnect the phone! Model: SM-G920A Sales Code: ATT Country Code: USA Timezone: Africa/Accra Android Version: 6.0.1 [MMB29K] Build Date: Wed Dec 14 18:19:03 KST 2016 PDA Version: G920AUCS5DPK3 … Continue reading

LG D505 no LTE after unlock

Dear Support Have a D505, unlocked via octopus LG tool. Unlock successfull, but when I choose GSM/WCDMA/LTE setting in network mode, the unit does not find the network. Not 100% true the previous sentence. I experienced the unit catch the network after few min (not the LTE, only 3G), but after few min, the unit … Continue reading

after update versi 1.3.9

Welcome to Medusa Pro Software version 1.3.9. Started. Reader #0: FT SCR2000 0 Reader #1: FT SCR2000 1 Reader #2: Generic EMV Smartcard Reader 0 Please disconnect battery and USB cable. Model Settings: Interface : eMMC Voltage : 1.8V Bus Mode : 1 Bus speed : Auto Connecting… ERROR[001]: Can not connect. No target device … Continue reading

e1200 after flash dead

UFST Boot v1.2 (c)SarasSoft 2012, Id: 54 4D 1 0 UFST Core v1.3 (c)SarasSoft 2013, Sn: 11044078 HID: 192C736D426000AA, HWK: A1.04-PRO1 SID: A40E6C2D114AE7956ED3DDA54F2C583D2FCB8BE9 XID: A0CEFC9F6A30CA021BA788C58BE90CCECE5C2A46 Licence: True AppVers: SAMSUNG TOOLS (HWK) v by SarasSoft Build 71 LogFile: .\_!_LOG044078_2017_06_26_00_19_07_LOG.txt Loaded Settings from: Sams.ini MCU File: E1200MXELI1.cla CRC32: 0F663A9C Regions : Estonia,Kazakhstan,Latvia,Lithuania,Russia,Ukraine Language: en,et,lt,lv,ru,uk(az,bg,de,fr,hy,ka,kk,mk,ro,sr) Release : … Continue reading

a916 invalid imei after flashing

after I flash a916 with stock rom, I get invalid imei , also there no serial number , I try sn writer but I get error , maybe because the database files I get r not good , I try to root and write the imei by all the method I found on youtube but … Continue reading

LG D686 MT6575 Stuck In recovery Mode After Flash Even After Latest Firmware

——————————————————————————– Platform: LG MTK Selected port: COM1 Selected baudrate: 921600 Selected model: D686 Selected USB connection type Please, reconnect battery and connect cable…OK Phone found at port COM23 Phone found. CPU name: MT6575 CPU revision: 8B00.CB00.E201.0000 Setting power state…OK Prepairing loader…OK Sending loader…OK Synchronizing with loader… Loader version: 3.2.132 Detecting flash chip…OK Detecting EMMC flash … Continue reading

samsung G935F imei was 0000 after fix imei patch still no network?

Hi team i have g935f s7 edge phone imei was 0000 so i repair imei and patch but still show no network can u pzl advice me what to do? how do i fix this problem? i already downgrade phone to 6.0.1 no luck Code: Chimera Mobile Phone Utility version: 14.21.1843 @ 2017-06-23 Printing phone … Continue reading

samsung g900j after add language tuoch not work

samsung g900j after add language tuoch not work

meizu mx4 won’t boot after mrt flash

meizu mx4 won’t boot after mrt flash,battery 3.8v, flashing was succcessful!!! Model M461

SM-A700FD after update cant write cert file Checking Super user right… false

Code: Operation: Write CERT Selected model: SM-A700FD Software version: 28.2 Checking CERT file… Ok KEY ID: 0599 Waiting ADB device… Ok Reading phone info… Model: SM-A700FD Android version: 6.0.1 Product code: Not Active Phone version: A700FDXXU1CPJ2 PDA version: A700FDXXU1CPJ2 CSC version: A700FDOLB1CPJ2 CSC country code: THAILAND CSC sales code: THL HW version: Phone SN: 00000000000 … Continue reading