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ipad air 2 wifi bypass icloud 3 days after ipad lost

hi all master. ipad air 2 wifi bypass icloud by change serial number. edit the last 3 word only. done by restore using itunes. but no fingerprint. after 3 days ipad screen appear "ipad lost" any mistake i make?? or need to change other nand? thanks

After Unlock Still Invalid Sim Card

SigmaKey 2.26.04 ADB: Direct unlock * daemon not running. starting it now * * daemon started successfully * ^ Mot Composite ADB Interface Version: Linux version 3.4.42-gb444bf1-00004-g6b785f7 (dbbuild@ca88lnxdroid14) (gcc version 4.7 (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT Wed Jun 25 00:21:21 PDT 2014 Phone model: motorola XT1058 Android 4.4.4; Firmware: KXA21.12-L1.26; Date: Wed Jun 25 00:10:28 … Continue reading

a510f no service after downgrade fro 7 to 6

hi i downgraded a a510f from android 7 to 6 for remove frp.now phone is no service .i do repair networke and unlock but still no service.i write modem from last ver but didnt solved.any way??/

G930f after downgrade camera problem

My G930F S7 Nougat July Security Pack After Marshmallow downgrade Camera and Fingerprint sensor not working, Any Marshmallow Rom Testing and no solution Please Help Thanks.

after update 29.1 zx3 not starting

any version now not working, 26,9 , 28.1, 29,1 program started once and after this now not working nothiing

Gionee m2(back button not work solve after version update by aladdin key


* Exclusive Service Direct Source With Access ” Payment After Unlock

New Exclusive Service For AT&T Locked iPhone Service Name : AT&T USA iPhone [Because of AT&T guidelines, we arent able to unlock your device] Supported IMEI which Are Rejected By AT&T with Below Reason Because of AT&T guidelines, we aren’t able to unlock your device 1-12 Hours Result 99% Result Not Supported : Blocked and … Continue reading

Iphone 7 plus CPU short after fall

Hi everyone, have iphone 7 plus after fall, the housing is bent also the motherboard is a little bent between BB and sim holder, no water or previous repair, when try to boot straight power supply no reaction, noticed the battery wasn’t charged, charged battery separatedly and when tried to power on no reaction on … Continue reading

LG LS676 No Data After UNLOCK ZV5

Hello everybody. After successfully unlock ZV5 with Octopus LG everything works fine but No Data in CDMA mode. It is possible to add APN manually but Data no appears. Not checked in GSM mode because CDMA is prefered for me. Let me know please if anyone has any thoughts on this matter. Thank you.