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ALCATEL 9008A (A3 XL) unlock problem

I am trying to unlock an Alcatel 9008a. I read that I can unlock it with PACK 6 with OTSMART. I open the program but I dont see 9008 listed in the drop down menu. PLease can you help me support? This user did it but I don’t see it listed. full log : Using … Continue reading

Alcatel 9001x marshmallow Network lock

Alcatel 9001x marshmallow Network lock is it supported in SigmaKey if yes then how ?

Alcatel 5056D Backup Firmware And Reset Frp Success UMT

ALCATEL 5056D READ FIRMWARE SUCCESS:) Operation : Read Firmware Checking for existing devices…Found Port : COM5 Opening Port…OK Init Handshake Sequence…OK Hardware ID : E1009600 [8909] 00000000 OPK_DATA : 9CBA94693C2333A562BCF0E0E981C558748817D002F543B2A2 6AB1B4B3F1CF9E Initializing Protocol…OK Using Auto Loader Selection [2] Preparing Firehose Loader…Done Sending Loader [8909_012.ufl]…Done Executing Loader…OK Hardware : 8909, eMMC, 16 GB Payload Info : … Continue reading

alcatel 4034A restart

after try install cmw device only restart on logo. i need firmware for flashing my device. model alcatel pixi vibe 4034A pid 4034A-2ATSAU3 thanks in advance

Unlock Alcatel 4044O AT&T

I’m getting an "Unhandled exception" when trying to unlock an Alcatel 4044O from AT&T. 1. Connect phone (turned off) to PC 2. Select Alcatel HS-USB Diagnostics port 3. Phone model: OT-4044O 4. Direct unlock 5. Got the folling: SigmaKey 2.26.04 Qcom: Direct unlock ALCATEL HS-USB Diagnostics 9091 (COM248), Provider: TCL, Driver ver.:, Date: 01/02/2015, … Continue reading

Alcatel OT-5044Y unlock

How to unlock this phone?

Need firmware alcatel one touch tablet 9022x

here is info Operation: Read Info Searching for phone….. FlashMode Detected. Hello received. HW ID: 00000000E1009600 MSM8909 PK HASH: CC3153A80293939B90D02D3BF8B23E0292E452FEF662C74998 421ADAD42A380F STORAGE TYPE: EMMC Sending loader, please wait.. Waiting for loader to start… DiskSize: 7.28 GB Userdata Size: 4.44 GB Partitions count: 40 Manufacturer: TCL Cpu: armeabi-v7a Build Id: LMY47V Model: 9022X Android Release: 5.1.1 … Continue reading

Alcatel OT-6040x problem

I have one this phone for flash firmware. Traying make backup security items but : Quote: Exe version: NCKDongle AndroidMTK Selected phone: OT-6040X Action: Backup Security Items Reinsert phone battery. Battery must be charged. Phone must be off with battery inside. Please insert USB cable now… Detected : PreLoader USB VCOM (Android) (COM7) Phone … Continue reading

How to Unlock BELL Alcatel POP 7 LTE 9015B with network code?

How to unlock Alcatel POP 7 LTE 9015B from BELL for Freedom Mobile, Videotron, Rogers, Bell, Virgin, AT&T, Cricket, Metro pcs, T-mobile, o2, Vodafone, Digicel, Movistar, claro in few hours at the lowest price – almost free. Comment débloquer Alcatel POP 7 LTE 9015B de BELL pour Freedom Mobile, Vidéotron, Rogers, Bell, Virgin, AT & … Continue reading

Alcatel ot 5054o 5.1.1 frp done by umt

Operation : Reset FRP Checking for existing devices… Found Port : COM63 Opening Port… OK Init Handshake Sequence… OK Hardware ID : E1009600 [8909] 19004200 Initializing Protocol… OK Using Auto Selection Preparing Firehose Loader… Done Sending Loader [8909_5.ufl]… Done Executing Loader… OK Hardware : 8909, eMMC, 16 GB Payload Info : In: 262144 [4096], Out: … Continue reading