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Can i Do Boot Repair LG AS330 ??

i got LG AS330 dead by flashed using wrong model firmware, now detect qdloader 9008 only, is there anywhe to do this using easy jtag box ??

help g531h dead boot

ineed replace emmc g531h can i use kmqn1000sm-b316 emmc and i need extcd file please mr blang this file not in support

q mobile s3 ded boot sulotion

plese help me not conected and on on please . helpe me

Boot Sony Xperia M5 E5633 Done Via Usb

[IMG]https://fb-s-d-a.akamaihd.net/h-ak-fbx/v/t1.0-9/19275000_494694637534795_4185792754840956425_n.jpg ?oh=706b34df7033bf9bfedbc7ebd236ae2a&oe=59DCDF31&_ _gda__=1506664444_835bfabec98bde6c7c5bef5df0f3c0b6[/IMG

meizu mx4 won’t boot after mrt flash

meizu mx4 won’t boot after mrt flash,battery 3.8v, flashing was succcessful!!! Model M461

need eng boot for j320az

need eng boot for j320az firmware j320aztus3aqd2 thank you

6S does boot 10ma

iphone 6S after backlight job do not boot only 10 mA all voltage present but goes to values and go back repetly all over again like it try to complet the boot and reset again

Need files for boot repair S6 GSPN

All files for recovery will be uploaded on GSPN(HHP SVC > Find Content > Anyone got these files for recovery with MultiDownloader G920F

LG H850 failed to flash, and stuck in boot loop

Hi, I need help plz, i have a LG H850 failed to flash, and stuck in boot loop with Your device is corrupted, It cannot be trusted and will not boot. i cant unlock the bootloader because its not supported in my device, also i cant go to download mode. i always receive this message. … Continue reading