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dead boot repair sony d5103

how to repair dead boot sony d5103

SAMSUNG Galaxy GT-S5282 Dead Boot Repair Done By Z3X Easy JTAG…!

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Htc m9 boot repair

Hello friends, i have a htc m9 hima whl stuck on boot loader mode can’t put in download mode for flashing . Please anyone help me . Thanks

iphone 6 boot and dies

Hi. Have i Iphone 6 logic board that I hooked up to my power supply for testing. when I power it on I get around 200mA draw for 2-3 seconds and then it immediately dies. Any suggestions what might be the cause? Tigris/tristar?

need files d686 dead boot

after flash from other tool its dead so i try to revive easy jtag but i dont know to to fix and files that can i use .. plsss help

lumia 520 boot repair done but phone still dead

Welcome to Medusa Box Software version 2.5.9 Selected device model: Nokia Lumia 520 Connecting. Please wait… Checking data… VREF = 1.82V is less than required level. Please check target device power supply. Medusa JTAG Firmware version 1.1.0. Medusa JTAG Hardware S64 revision C. Detected TAP ID: 4BA00477, IR Length = 4. Detected TAP ID: 207D00E1, … Continue reading

GT-I9100 boot repair no success……

tell me emmc chip is damaged or need to write dump?:confused:

Coolpad dazel 1 boot repair

Model Settings: Interface : USB Core : Qualcomm MSM8916 Loader : QLoader_v11_Coolpad Connecting… Sending loader…OK. Loader successfully initialized. Device : CoreID_007050E1 Core : Qualcomm MSM8916 Page size : 512 B Block size : 512 B Block count : 15269888 Size : 7.28 GB Connect successful. ————————————————————— SW: 1.4.1; FW: 1.1.0. P00: GPT (00000000, 00010000) P01: … Continue reading

sony f3212 after flash dead plzz help boot repair?

sony f3212 after flash dead plzz help boot repair? device manager show "unkown device" please help argent thanks

Gt-i9300i dead boot done

eMMC_tool Suite ver. Microsoft Windows 7 (32 bit) build 7601 (6.1.7600.16385) Looking for EasyJTAG box… EasyJTAG API ver. 2008 Setting IO Levels to 2.8V Setting frequence to 14 Mhz HiPower mode is OFF EasyJTAG Box Serial = 16005015120EF521 Card Serial = AA0E-097C EasyJTAG Box Firmware = 01.58 Changelog: 28.05.2017 (ver Fix: Bugs that … Continue reading