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G925P cert file required

G925P cert file required G925P cert file required

SM-A500FU cert problem

[Read/Write certificate started] Gathering phone info… Collecting information. Be patient! Do NOT disconnect the phone! Model: SM-A500FU Sales Code: MOT Country Code: Slovenia Timezone: Europe/Ljubljana Android Version: 6.0.1 [MMB29M] Build Date: Wed Nov 23 20:06:44 KST 2016 PDA Version: A500FUXXS1CPK6 [november 2016, rev6] Phone Version: A500FUXXU1CPH3 [august 2016, rev3] CSC Version: A500FUMOT1CPI1 [september 2016, rev1] … Continue reading

S6 edge 925 cert file need plz help

Hi I hav s6 edge 925f emergency call only .. it’s cum united arab emirat.. version like g925fxxu4dpk1

Clean Samsung Galaxy S6 Sprint SM-G920P/G920V Verizon KEY ID 0053 Cert File Needed!

Hello guys. I am looking to get a Cert file for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Sprint or Verizon (SM-G920P/SM-G920V/SM-G9200/SM-G9208/SM-G9209) Verizon KEY ID 0053 Cert File Needed! Please PM me anytime! Thanks!

samsung a5000 cert fail done

hi i got phone emergency call as cert fail now ok by super imei Quote: Scanning devices … 0 found Detect 1 USB devices not install driver Device Info (UART) Model: SM-A5000 SW Version: A5000ZHU1AOC1 Customer Code: TGY Unique Number: CAG070449B42652 Flash Memory: – Chipset : true Key ID : 0634 Time used : 1.5 … Continue reading

SM-J5007 Cert Write Done

SM-J5007 Cert Write Done 🙂 Using Version… Selected Port VCP0 = COM7 Selected Model GT-I5503 Selected Task SAM CERT WRITE ALL SAMSUNG CERT WRITE STARTED.. Searching Phone Please wait… Phone Found Wait… TEST MODE OK.. Details. SM-J5007,N,FA51_J5007ZTU1AOH2,FA51_J5007ZTU1AOH2,J500 7Z Model := SM-J5007 UNIQID := CQN00462196DA33 Phone IMEI := null/empty Device Knox Warranty is := Void Default … Continue reading

SM-G6000 cert please

Can anyone share SM-G6000 cert? I looked for every I need dual sim cert/ I can’t write super imei via bst.

g9287 cert file needed

hi guy can anyone help to share this files i need this files g9287 cert file or compatable file cant get cert from support tnx in advance

sm-g930f backup security + read cert – write other sm-g930f fail

Welcome to Octoplus/Octopus Box Samsung software version 2.4.9 ———————————————————————————– To connect SM-G930F phone you have to perform the following steps: 1. Disconnect USB cable from phone. 2. Go to Menu->Settings->More->About Device. 3.Tap on "Build number" 7 times to enable developer options. 4. Go to Menu->Settings->More->Developer options. 5. Turn on "USB Debugging" option. Selected firmware file: … Continue reading

world’s first write cert file

Platform: Samsung Android Selected port: COM151 Selected model: SM-J500F Selected file: D:\samsung cert files\J500M_35xxxxxxxxxxxxxx.cert Select Certificate2… Selected file: D:\samsung cert files\J500M_35xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.cert Detected phone model: SM-J500F Firmware compiled date: Wed Jan 13 17:32:11 KST 2016 PDA version: FA51_J500FDDU1APA2 CSC version: unknown SW version: J500FDDU1AOJ4 Phone SN: RZ8H503MGDY Android version: 5.1.1 (LMY48B) Sales code: unknown Country: unknown … Continue reading