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dead boot repair sony d5103

how to repair dead boot sony d5103

SAMSUNG Galaxy GT-S5282 Dead Boot Repair Done By Z3X Easy JTAG…!

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D6603 smart repair OK, but dead

Well. Smart repair is successful, but phone stay in SOMC Flash Devise and can’t to flash. See log: Model Settings: Interface : eMMC Brand : Sony Model : D6603 SRF : C:/Program Files/Medusa Pro Software/firmwareFolder/SONY_D6603_EMMC_016GE2.srf Voltage : 1.8V Bus Mode : 1 Bus speed : Auto Connecting… Device : Samsung eMMC MAG2GC Page size : … Continue reading

mobile dead after flash

some android phone dead after flash and never on flash OK but mobile still dead check all version backup same mobile but still mobile dead what is problem is this hardware case or there is no box to recover such phone in this case what we say to customers mobile condition virus or code or … Continue reading

nokia 530 dead solution need?

================================================== ==== If the Phone is ALIVE 1. Power On the Phone and Connect it to the USB Port If the Phone is DEAD 1. Connect Phone to the USB Port 2. Press and Hold the VOLUME DOWN and POWER Buttons 3. Wait until the Phone Vibrates Shortly… 4. Stop Pressing the Buttons… If the … Continue reading

need files d686 dead boot

after flash from other tool its dead so i try to revive easy jtag but i dont know to to fix and files that can i use .. plsss help

lumia 520 boot repair done but phone still dead

Welcome to Medusa Box Software version 2.5.9 Selected device model: Nokia Lumia 520 Connecting. Please wait… Checking data… VREF = 1.82V is less than required level. Please check target device power supply. Medusa JTAG Firmware version 1.1.0. Medusa JTAG Hardware S64 revision C. Detected TAP ID: 4BA00477, IR Length = 4. Detected TAP ID: 207D00E1, … Continue reading

No More Supported Solutions (Dead Products)

Admins Move Avator Box = No More Supported Solutions (Dead Products) Product no support not updates

BGH A6D dead

set never completed booting neither format all except bootloader dead after format whole flash how to solve this? Exe version: NCKDongle AndroidMTK Selected: MT6572_EMMC Action: Restore RAW Preloader Preloader OK. Reinsert phone battery. Battery must be charged. Phone must be off with battery inside. Please insert USB cable now… Detected : MTK USB Port … Continue reading

LG G Pro 2 D838 Dead

Need Help LG G Pro 2 D838 Dead , No Power , Charger No LED Blink Dead Total after Charge last night , Need Help Fix