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Nokia X “Missing File” error

GEve Experts, I am flashing Nokia X RM-980, Then get following error, where am i wrong. Help me with full guide. If any video available then provide me link. Thnx Sandeep Kumar Attached Images Error.jpg (245.5 KB)

post any error log sreen shoot here with anly gsm aladdin v2

post any error problem screenshot here

PRESTIGIO PSP3502 flash error

Processing : Flash Write Flash now : MBR Image Flash Ok Flash now : EBR1 Image Flash Ok Flash now : UBOOT Image Flash Ok Flash now : BOOTIMG Image Flash Ok Flash now : RECOVERY Image Flash Ok Flash now : SEC_RO Image Flash Ok Flash now : LOGO Image Flash Ok Flash now … Continue reading

intex aqua v3g v02 fleshing error

intex aqua v3g v02 fleshing error https://img2.brain4.photobox.com/298…2d6c4bb912.jpg

Meta Maui error

EXECUTION FAILURE: DOWNLOAD IMEI TO FLASH PLEASE CHECK THE VERSION OF LOAD AND NVRAM DATABASE ARE SAME i need ur help to repair imei on lenovo k4note based on mtk 6753 chip. i tried a lot to…

FlyCaptainHuaweiResurrector_v12 error

hi i have Mate9 and Mate9 pro Resurrector problem how to solve ? User: 7448524F Current version: MHA-C999B000 Extracting partitions Cannot create extract directory: C:\Users\Oguzhan\Desktop\FlyCaptainHuaweiModule_01 23_PORK_Edition\tmp170216_181616_UPDATE\ Extract files to directory: C:\Users\Oguzhan\Desktop\FlyCaptainHuaweiModule_01 23_PORK_Edition\ Extracting partition: PACKAGE_TYPE OK Extracting partition: HISIUFS_GPT OK Extracting partition: XLOADER OK Extracting partition: FW_LPM3 OK Extracting partition: FASTBOOT OK Extracting partition: VECTOR … Continue reading

e5573cs 609 idea unlock error

here is info 18.36.14 : ————— Read device information ———————– 18.36.17 : DLOADVER : 2.0 18.36.18 : Model : E5573Cs-609 18.36.19 : IMEI : 861350030020488 18.36.19 : SwVers : 21.318.03.00.00 18.36.19 : IsoVers : WEBUI 18.36.19 : PrdName : E5573Cs-609 18.36.19 : DloadType : 0 18.36.20 : Auth.Vers: : 2 18.36.20 : New HiSi-TYPE 2 … Continue reading

How can i fix this error Access Violation Address 0052E330

Dear Team I have problem in cm2 All module when open any Module then come this Error ***** photo sharing Hi,m trying uninstall then Reboot pc and re install Exclusive path in antivirus But still same how can i fix this issue

Lumia 640 flashing error

Lumia 640 RM-1073 Connect phone on selected interface… Core : v2.25 , WP10x FlashEngine : v2.5 FFU : RM1073_02166.00000.15084.41001_RETAIL_prod_signed_ 1005_01DE1D_000-CA.ffu Checking FFU file, wait… FFU Revision ID : 2.0 FFU Model ID : Nokia.MSM8926.P6204 FFU RootKeyHash : 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 FFU Languages : Portuguese(Brazil) , Russian , Greek , fr-ca , Indonesian , Korean , Polish , … Continue reading