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inferno error

inferno error anyone help inferno not open please help

SM-A310M FRP Lock = ON, /EFS error in recovery

I have this phone with frp on, phone wont start and goes to recovery, i tried combination file, same problem, cant remove frp since i cant boot, and cant boot cause i cant fix efs, any solution? tried everything, even used reac remove for s920f, said ok, but still ON.

why error?

06:18:48 > Loading device driver dll: OK! 06:18:49 > Checking device driver dll version: OK! 06:18:49 > Checking device driver version: OK! 06:18:49 > Searching for device: OK! Found MB HTC PRO CABLE 2! 06:18:50 > MB HTC PRO CABLE 2 INFO: 06:18:51 > SERIAL NUMBER: 1E4A36B8AA44635A 06:18:51 > VERSION: 2.0 06:18:53 > Loading data: … Continue reading

g550t1 Security damaged (decompress error)

g550t1 Security damaged (decompress error) i dont have nv data backup any person help me plz Waiting ADB device… Ok Reading phone info… Model: SM-G550T1 Android version: 6.0.1 Product code: Phone version: PDA version: G550T1UVU1APF1 CSC version: G550T1TMK1APF1 CSC country code: USA CSC sales code: TMK HW version: Phone SN: Chip name: EXYNOS3475 Modem board: … Continue reading

SM-N915A new security unlock error soloved

Gathering phone info… Collecting information. Be patient! Do NOT disconnect the phone! Model: SM-N915A Sales Code: ATT Country Code: USA Timezone: Asia/Calcutta Android Version: 6.0.1 [MMB29M] Build Date: Mon Jan 2 18:25:06 KST 2017 PDA Version: N915AUCS2DPK3 [november 2016, rev3] Phone Version: N915AUCS2DPK3 [november 2016, rev3] CSC Version: N915AATT2DPK3 [november 2016, rev3] Product Code:ZKEATT HIDSw … Continue reading

intex cloud force error in flashing

==== Wait for phone… Phone found! [ 70 ] Port Opened Sync… Initial Boot Failed! Boot not done, reason : Wrong BootKeys Hint : Reset power and use ANOTHER BootKey ( VOL up or VOL down ) Reconnect Power/Cable! spd 7731

iPhone 7 plus error in 10.3.2 downgrade error solved by 3uTools

nice works 3uTools

Oppo 1201 mt6582 error

Readinfo error imei repair error

fly iq4490i error read w hy?

>>Operation: 1. Power off the phone. 2. Please insert USB cable within 20 seconds. >>Analysis of USB port,Please insert phone USB cable. >> >>Internal version: SPRD3 >>Boot downloaded. >>Start boot please wait a moment…. >>Spreadtrum Boot Block version 1.1 >>Boot downloaded. >>CPU TYPE:SC7715[7715A000] >>Boot downloaded.

iphone 7plus error 4013

plaese help iphone 7plus error 4013