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LG D380 error DBI Err Fatal! pink screen fix ok

process logs here Code: Loading eMMC Addon Firmware… IO: 3300 mV Box S/N: 010070222EE63D88, ,FW Ver.: 01.58 CMD Pullup Level:721 mV CMD Active Level:1732 mV eMMC Device Information EMMC CID : 90014A4834473164040501A1D10E51B8 EMMC CSD : D02701320F5903FFFFFFFFEF8A4040D2 EMMC Manufacturer ID: 0090 , OEM ID: 014A EMMC Date: 05/2014 Rev.0x5 EMMC NAME: H4G1d , S/N: 27382030 EMMC … Continue reading

format error why?

>>Current Task: Auto Format >> >>Operation: 1. Power off the phone. 2. Please insert USB cable within 40 seconds. >> >>MediaTek USB Port (COM16) >> >>Connecting… >>CPU TYPE:MT6571 >>Hardware version:CA00 >>Software version:0000 >>SecCfgVal :0x00000000 >>BromVersion :0x05 >>BLVersion :0xFE >>Boot downloading complete! >>not find id.

G955F Unlock with MSL Code Error

Hey guys i have been trying to unlock a SM-G955F i already have the MSL Code but when I put the code into de Z3X Box all i get is : "Bypass MSL… error(2)" any idea what could this error be? I have tried selecting Model A520F, A720F and G935A with the same result on … Continue reading

error 0x00000002 Repairing network failed: g925f 7.0

Platform: Samsung Android Selected port: COM3 Selected model: SM-G925F Proper android device not found. Make shure that "USB debug" option on the device is turned on. Repairing network failed. Performed by 2.5.5 Software version. ———————————————————————————– Platform: Samsung Android Selected port: COM3 Selected model: SM-G925F Detected phone model: SM-G925F Firmware compiled date: Wed Apr 12 21:37:37 … Continue reading


hello team as am new to emmc pro i need guidence about how to repair GT-N7100 after detect what should i doo only soft erase & repair boot area ia enough are plz help with steps

problem card error

lhello guys support please help searching for server… Server greeting: "Card updates server v.2.2" Searching installed cards… Found card with s/n 00016314 Selected card: 0000016314 Updates count: 7 Updates limit: 30 Activations: Creating secure connection… Failed! Error code: KPUINCZXCAX Could not create secure connection!

kenxinda k524 read ff error

condition-ask gmail first format done Code: Operation : Format File System [ v1.11 ] Settings : SmartFormat is On 1. Remove battery. Insert battery back 2. Press and hold ‘VolumeUp’ and ‘VolumeDown’ keys 3. Insert cable  ====  Wait for phone… Phone found! [ 70 ] Port Opened Sync… InitBoot Done [ 0x81 ] , Ver … Continue reading

Unlock Huawei Lua L03 Error BAD50031

Hi Sigma team, I have this Huawei and Cant unlock it. Please can you helpme!?. Thanks a lot!. Pack 1: Activated Pack 2: Activated Pack 3: Activated ——— 2017-06-12 08:22:12 ——— SigmaKey 2.25.05 MTK: Direct unlock MediaTek USB VCOM (Android) (COM26), Provider: MediaTek Inc., Driver ver.: 3.0.1504.0, Date: 21/01/2015, USB\VID_0E8D&PID_2007&REV_???? Baseband Processor: MT6735, E00 Version: … Continue reading

Error updating dongle

=== DongleManager [Infinity] v1.70 [11/06/2017 22:16:18] === Box/Dongle type selected: Infinity-Box/Dongle Card-Reader: Gemalto e-gate Smart Card 0 HWID: 0003F29FFF021982 === Process started: 11/06/2017 22:16:18 === Connecting to server Server connection successfully established Checking DongleManager version… Your DongleManager is up-to-date Checking Dongle Identification… Authenticating on server… Authentication stage error: Server answer:[0010] Dongle Authentication fail. Probably last … Continue reading

Coolpad Dazen 1 Error : device can’t open fastboot channel

Commaon error device can’t open fastboot channel: in coolpad devices while connecting in system as fastboot or download mode Perfect Solution is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SB9yA8Pd-4E&fs=1″ />