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FlyCaptainHuaweiResurrector_v12 error

hi i have Mate9 and Mate9 pro Resurrector problem how to solve ? User: 7448524F Current version: MHA-C999B000 Extracting partitions Cannot create extract directory: C:\Users\Oguzhan\Desktop\FlyCaptainHuaweiModule_01 23_PORK_Edition\tmp170216_181616_UPDATE\ Extract files to directory: C:\Users\Oguzhan\Desktop\FlyCaptainHuaweiModule_01 23_PORK_Edition\ Extracting partition: PACKAGE_TYPE OK Extracting partition: HISIUFS_GPT OK Extracting partition: XLOADER OK Extracting partition: FW_LPM3 OK Extracting partition: FASTBOOT OK Extracting partition: VECTOR … Continue reading

e5573cs 609 idea unlock error

here is info 18.36.14 : ————— Read device information ———————– 18.36.17 : DLOADVER : 2.0 18.36.18 : Model : E5573Cs-609 18.36.19 : IMEI : 861350030020488 18.36.19 : SwVers : 21.318.03.00.00 18.36.19 : IsoVers : WEBUI 18.36.19 : PrdName : E5573Cs-609 18.36.19 : DloadType : 0 18.36.20 : Auth.Vers: : 2 18.36.20 : New HiSi-TYPE 2 … Continue reading

How can i fix this error Access Violation Address 0052E330

Dear Team I have problem in cm2 All module when open any Module then come this Error ***** photo sharing Hi,m trying uninstall then Reboot pc and re install Exclusive path in antivirus But still same how can i fix this issue

Lumia 640 flashing error

Lumia 640 RM-1073 Connect phone on selected interface… Core : v2.25 , WP10x FlashEngine : v2.5 FFU : RM1073_02166.00000.15084.41001_RETAIL_prod_signed_ 1005_01DE1D_000-CA.ffu Checking FFU file, wait… FFU Revision ID : 2.0 FFU Model ID : Nokia.MSM8926.P6204 FFU RootKeyHash : 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 FFU Languages : Portuguese(Brazil) , Russian , Greek , fr-ca , Indonesian , Korean , Polish , … Continue reading

cs tool 1.37 error plz help

Windows 7,8.1,10 CS-Tool_Drivers_V.1.2 not ,help

Server error 2

when ever i try to load the software , it says Wrong Panel Software, Install Latest ! Server Error: 2. but i already installed the latest software,then also same problem occurring. i tried every possible way, still i cant able to rectify this problem. please sara team, help me ASAP. i am from singapore

Iphone 6 plus error 4003 (solved)

iPhone 6 plus 4003 error solved after touch ic change

MT6592 error read flash in merapi

Volcano Why i cant read flash mt6592 logs >>Analysis of USB port,Please insert phone USB cable. 06:01:26 > Connecting… 06:01:26 > CPU TYPE:MT6592 06:01:26 > Hardware version:CA00 06:01:26 > Software version:0000 06:01:26 > SecCfgVal :0x00000000 06:01:26 > BromVersion :0x05 06:01:26 > BLVersion :0xFE >>Boot downloading complete! Please help volcano team

Z3x Reading CERT… error (5)

well i was looking information about this problem but i couldnt some to fix it.. Waiting ADB device… Ok Reading phone info… Model: SM-G316ML Android version: 4.4.4 Product code: SM-G316MRWLCOM Phone version: G316MLUBU0AOB5 PDA version: G316MLUBU0AOB1 CSC version: G316MLUWA0AOB1 CSC country code: COLOMBIA CSC sales code: COM HW version: MP 0.300 Phone SN: R21G42AYNDK Modem … Continue reading

Jtag Update error need help

Downloading "ATFJ.exe"…File Size Not Match! 20mb image hosting