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Plllz I Need Firmware For polaroid pro4544pwe01 MT6582

Hello Brothers, Plllz I Need Firmware For polaroid pro4544pwe01 MT6582 Note : I Have Infinity CM2 but when i click on "Identify" i get this log :confused: !! Quote: Wait for phone… Phone found! [ 150 ] Sync… Inital Boot Ok! BB_CPU_PID : 6582 BB_CPU_NME : [MediaTek] MT6582_S00 BB_CPU_EXT : 0xCA01 , 0x8A00 , 0x0000 … Continue reading

Qmobile Bolt T10 Flash File Need help please

How to make backup of RDA Android Cpu or Qmobile Bolt T10 Flash File Need help please

Need Firmware samsung clone mtk j9 2016

Please any one have this flash files MT6572_S00_EMMC_JDQ39__4.2.2_SM-J900FN_Samsung_3552360303xxxxx_35523603xxxxx_03_25 _2017_20_09_01

need driver for miracle box

my box is working fine with android phone but when i connect FP then nothing connect to box just waiting for usb prt and i am using windows 8.1 please give me any solution. thanks in advance

Celkon q450 v07v,q54 v08 flash file need urgent

Celkon q450 v07v, celkon q54 v08 flash file need urgent plz adv thanks

htc 830 doual sim flash file need

htc 830 doual sim flash file need please upload

XT1572 firmware need

version: 0.5 version-bootloader: moto-msm8992-A0.1C product: clark board: clark secure: yes hwrev: 0x83C0 radio: 0x1 emmc: 16GB Toshiba REV=07 PRV=00 TYPE=57 PNM=016G72 ram[0]: 3072MB SK Hynix S8 SDRAM DIE=6Gb M5=x6 M6=x3 M7=x0 ram[1]: M8=x3B cpu: MSM8992 serialno: TA08305GCI cid: 0x0007 channelid: 0xc0 uid: F84260011E000000000000000000 unlocked: yes securestate: unlocked iswarrantyvoid: yes mot_sst: 3 max-download-size: 536870912 reason: Volume … Continue reading

Need MT6572_NAND_samsung__SM-G920F__Galaxy S7__4.4.4__ALPS.JB3.MP.V1

Need MT6572_NAND_samsung__SM-G920F__Galaxy S7__4.4.4__ALPS.JB3.MP.V1

Need flash file xt1055

C:\Program Files (x86)\Minimal ADB and Fastboot>fastboot getvar all (bootloader) version-bootloader: 30BE (bootloader) version: 0.5 (bootloader) cpu: MSM8960 Pro CS (bootloader) ram: 2048MB Hynix S4 SDRAM DIE=4Gb (bootloader) emmc: 16GB Sandisk REV=06 PRV=07 TYPE=17 (bootloader) product: ghost (bootloader) revision-hardware: 0x8300 (bootloader) radio: 0x3 (bootloader) secure: yes (bootloader) mid: 026b (bootloader) serialno: TA64301V7D (bootloader) qe: qe 0/0 … Continue reading

cannot open any software need help says dongle block

Box/Dongle type selected: Main Infinity-Box/Dongle Box/Dongle found: Main Infinity-Box/Dongle ———- Process started: 3/25/2017 11:47:49 PM ———- DongleManager [Infinity-Box] v1.68 [3/25/2017 11:47:49 PM] PC HWID: B5DE3D14E5632E6E9B0D1ABDD3B42C9B Card-Reader: Gemalto e-gate Smart Card 0 HWID: 00043719FF021982 Type: Main Infinity-Box/Dongle S/N: 40773719 Version: 0135.02 Connecting to server Server connection successfully established Checking DongleManager version… Your DongleManager is up-to-date Checking … Continue reading