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When this problem solve?

Hi, got this order false unlocked. I have sent you video proof. Need to know how long will it take to solve. BR "Metro Pcs Usa – App Mobile Unlocking IMEI : 354335070683075 Code : Unlock Sent, wait up to 45 minutes, connect to WI-FI, perform any android system updates, and follow the instructions on … Continue reading

g920a problem

hey guys i have problem in g920a he have frp protection in 6.0 i upgrade to 5.1 the problem the memory storage be came 32 g all full i try with anther version there b came 8g all full i try with another version 6.0 5.1 the same problem with file pit also the same … Continue reading

N910c 5.1.1 unlock problem HELP!

Operation: Unlock Selected model: SM-N910C Software version: 28.2 Waiting ADB device… Ok Reading phone info… Model: SM-N910C Android version: 5.1.1 Product code: Phone version: N910CXXU1COJ5 PDA version: N910CXXS2CQC1 CSC version: N910COLB2COJ5 CSC country code: PHILIPPINES CSC sales code: XTE HW version: Phone SN: R28G31ZMHPT Modem board: DB7450R Security patch: 2017-03-01 RF cal date: 1234.56.78 IMEI: … Continue reading

Problem prompt command

Hello friends, I’m having this problem when running commands in CMD every command line executed a new window opens. Do any of you know a solution?

SM-C101 smart repair problem

Hi. Try to place KMV3W000LM-B310, connect via SPI, all OK but phone can’t enter boot. Tell me is emmc config correct? In the internet logs from Z3X have follow: Boot configuration [PARTITION_CONFIG: 0x48] Boot from:ROM2 (Boot Partition 1) Boot bus config [177]: 0x01 , width 4bits , Partition config [179]: 0x48. H/W reset function [RST_N_FUNCTION]: … Continue reading

Lenovo A319 IMEI problem

Hello there , i have a problem with Lenovo A319 . The phone has unknown IMEI after *#06# , is it possible to repair the IMEI using infinity box and so how do? p.s.: Older version of CM2MTK has a tab with imei for repair. The new one is missing this tab.

how solve storage problem of oppo f1f

how solve storage problem of oppo f1f its show only 193mb free

Samsung A700fd imei repair problem

Samsung A700fd imei null baseband ok …. how to repair Device Info (UART) Model: SM-A700FD SW Version: A700FDXXU1CPGG Customer Code: Date Unique Number: CR3004E86CE4932 Flash Memory: – Key ID : 0599 Time used : 11.3 s This operation need MTP interface, if you are connect device via UART cable, replace with USB cable and re-scan … Continue reading

problem flash lg ls996

after flash phone not system LGLS996AT-00-ZV8-SPR-US-AUG-18-2015+01 hecking data…OK Platform: LG Qualcomm Selected port: COM41 Selected model: LS996 Reading info… Model ID: LGLS996 IMEI: 355868-06-097189-3 Android version: 5.1.1 Battery level: 3% Mode: Emergency Initializing flash…OK SW version: LS996ZV8_01 LAF Version: 1.1 Product ID: PT01S150324000628 IMEI: 355868-06-097189-3 Target operator: SPR Hardware: rev_10 Opening "LGLS996AT-00-ZV8-SPR-US-AUG-18-2015+01.oct"…OK Setting options…OK Reading … Continue reading

problem whit software

I do not see the active packages and if I try to update the firmware from this error. Code: Smart-Clip 2 v.1.25.06 Detected GsmServer S-Card products: S-Card: 171772139 Smart-Clip 2 dongle, v 1.23 Inconsistent file