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Attention!!! z3x team erased properly made help threads because of box bugs

hi i made this thread just to inform everyone that you are losing your time reporting box problems even if you explain evrything in a well understandable way/acording to forum rules, they won’t give you any answer if you are reporting a problem that they haven’t solved yet (as a bug) this thread will be … Continue reading

Unexpected response from the phone ..plz help me team

SigmaKey v.2.22.01 754097186 Sigma dongle 2.22, Initializing…OK Pack 1: Activated Pack 2: Activated Pack 3: Activated ——— 2017-01-24 11:59:11 ——— SigmaKey 2.22.01 ADB: Repair IMEI * daemon not running. starting it now * * daemon started successfully * ^ Android ADB Interface Version: Linux version 3.4.0-geafc7cd-dirty (rdadmin@vBuild1VY58) (gcc version 4.7 (GCC) ) #1 SMP PREEMPT … Continue reading

Hi team isee nand MTK isee not supported?

Hi team isee nand MTK isee not supported? i have just receive an old MTK device and i see that nand is not supported 😀 hope that you can add it to due to their is to many old phones in my location…

Z#X team help dm-verification failed

I have a note 4 Verizon android 5.1.1which says dm-verification failed. how may I fix this problem Attached Images d9446a6f-e928-47ec-83ab-3efa469d428b.jpg (135.3 KB)

please help infinity team

micromax d303 start up logo, i am today flashing cm2, same problum not solution. Card found : S/N : A6757DAE , v0134 Chinese Miracle II [MTK module] v 1.58 Scatter Load Ok , BaseBand : MT6572 , Project : s4050ap , Storage : EMMC Files found : 11 , Set to Flash : 10 Ready … Continue reading

Samsung J700F Frp Romove With Octoplud Thanks Octoplus Team

Thanks Octoplus Team :confused:Br-Amran Chaudhry Samundri Faisalabad:confused:

Dragon Team is happy to announce – Inferno software is starting to run in Dragon Box

Dragon Team is happy to announce that Inferno software can run through their Dragon Box We are very happy to announced that Dragon Box users can able to buy Dragon Box with 1 year activation or you can activate Inferno software in your old Dragon Box. The price for new users are as follows: Dragon … Continue reading

Bst team please complete solution model wise.

Bes team I unhappy in bst dongle because only brand name But not supported yet Manny model not supported Super imei selected fix imei repair Not new imei repair Bst team Manny more bug fix And new model added if complete solution No required ather any box. Any model selected in bst dongle model wise … Continue reading

Help team hua

Hello team Help Sport And work programs And explain the face of the program Thank you team hua

PreLoader : NOT Active [ Erased ]plz help team

Wait for phone… Phone found! [ 12 ] Sync… Inital Boot Ok! BB_CPU_PID : 6582 BB_CPU_NME : [MediaTek] MT6582_S00 BB_CPU_EXT : 0xCA01 , 0x8A00 , 0x0000 Processing BROM stage Settings for BROM configured! SecCfgVal : 0x00000000 BromVer : 0x0005 BLVersion : 0x00FE PreLoader : NOT Active [ Erased ] BootLdrSS : NORMAL with PRELOADER Processing … Continue reading