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e5377 unlock faild

Rocker dongle ID : D214-xxxxx 2017.01.17 23:47xxxx Logging enabled ! ================================================== ================= DC – Unlocker 2 Client 1.00.1357 Detecting modem : selection : manufacturer – Huawei modems model – Auto detect (recommended) Found Applications port COM164 Found modem : E5377Ts-32 Model : Huawei E5377 IMEI : 865076021459387 Serial NR. : K2LBY15226006754 Firmware : Compile … Continue reading

Factory Unlock Services

Good day, Can I have a credit refund for the order 88040? The request has been in process for over 16 hours. And I want it cancelled. Kindest Regards,

J200G unlock done

Code: INFO  : 01/17/2017 04:07:44 ب.ظ > Platform: Samsung Android INFO  : 01/17/2017 04:07:44 ب.ظ > Selected port: COM5 INFO  : 01/17/2017 04:07:44 ب.ظ > Selected model: SM-J200G INFO  : 01/17/2017 04:07:47 ب.ظ > Detected phone model: SM-J200G INFO  : 01/17/2017 04:07:47 ب.ظ > Firmware compiled date: Tue Nov  3 15:35:37 KST 2015 INFO  : … Continue reading

huawei y336-u02 unlock help

huawei y336-u02 unlock nck box

g890a pk3 unlock failed

Phone Found Please Wait… Model := G890A Ver := G890AUCU5CPK3/G890AATT5CPK3/G890AUCU5CPK3/G890AUCU5CPK SN := R38GA0SF5C IMEI := 35935xxxxxxxxx UNIQID := 0815F8838C04180 Unsupported Device..DBG M443iTd1ijcxA5EghnO8MVDIEgA= Unsupported Device or new security. i cant downgrade i a cant root and wont accept code any help will apreciate

sm-g920p 6.0.1 help me to unlock

good day z3xteam help me to unlock this need to root this do have a root file for this phone thanks

G935P How to root and Unlock this Compilation

Hello Folks, I was Receive in my shop this phone G935P with this Compilation: G935PVOS4APK1 and I was try to root, but Kingo Root online Fail to do this, some buddy here have a luck with this and can helps. Regards bedel.

ALCATEL 50540 flint unlock no possible with Furious gold

Connect the phone powered off with both volume down and up pressed or connect the phone powered off and leave it connected to the usb till it shows the battery/charging screen ; Phone detected (@usb.inf,%usb\composite.devicedesc%;USB Composite Device) Preparing to enter download mode; Preparing to open COM258 Connecting; Init; Port opened; Phone detected (@oem82.inf,%qcomserialportdesc90080%;Android HS-USB QDLoader … Continue reading

HTC 626s 6.0.1 S-OFF and Unlock Error

Hey, i ahve and HTC 626s on 6.0.1 Android. the Bootloader is unlocked and done by XTC2Clip tool V1.29 phone information in download mode Reading information… Using Fastboot mode… Reading common information (bootloader) kernel: lk (bootloader) product: htc_a32eul (bootloader) version: 1.0 (bootloader) imei: 352678070440273 (bootloader) version-main: 2.17.1550.1 (bootloader) boot-mode: download (bootloader) version-baseband: 01.01_U113251211_64.10.60616G (bootloader) version-bootloader: … Continue reading

unlock notdone 200cr is out

check back my cr i have one phone Attached Images out.JPG (53.2 KB)