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Hwk Update Error

Hwk Update Error How To Solve Thsi Problem please help Hwk Teams ANd Seneior i am w8ing for answer :confused: Br, Unlockinfo

Update firmware bst not respon…..

Help master ,,,update firmware BSTnot respone…..:cool::cool::cool:

we need a new update

first of all setool team thanx for all last years support with ur great tool named setool second we and we means a loot of software programmers agrees that its time for change and having anew update like other boxes On the scene some boxes support remove pattern with one single click it can be … Continue reading

Samsung Sm-J106H Screen Lock Romove With Frp On Boom Boom New Update

Samsung Sm-J106H Screen Lock Romove With Frp On Boom Boom New Update Thanks Octoplus Team Br.Amran Chaudhry Samundri Faisalabad

I9500 signal and soft keys not work after update…

Hello, have in my handle one I9500 Eu Version purchased in China, this I9500 had only Network problem first becouse customer have tryed of change *Mei with a Lol APP and them stupid things w/o any knowledge.:mad: Have tryed of all but Signal was in/out then have Update to 5.0.1 CHN Fw, from this moment … Continue reading

Old vygis box needs update or activate?

Good day to all fellow forumers. I have an old vygis box here that i wanted to use to service mobile phones. Do i need to activate it or update for me to be able the latest features? how much would it cost me? I hope someone could tell me what’s best to do? Best … Continue reading

one nonth and no update?


Google pixel Volcano inferno new update v1.0.8

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8RIYEOZRa0 Google pixel Volcano inferno new update v1.0.8 Download Link Youtube

New cstool update.

This waiting is killing everybody. When? Sent from my TECNO-C9 using Tapatalk

Oppo F1S A1601EX last update can’t be read

this logs for oppo F1s with last update firmware A1601EX_11_A_24_161119 can’t be read… Chinese Miracle II [MTK module] v 1.58 Operation : Read NVRAM [ v1.58 ] 1. Power Off Phone , Remove battery , Insert back 2. Insert USB cable. In some cases require hold BootKey Wait for phone… Phone found! [ 7 ] … Continue reading