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bug: spd read but cant write the read pac

read ok but when write using spd upgrade tool always fdl2 stock Action : Read PAC Boot : SC7731_SDRAM2-EMMC Tips: 1.Remove Battery, Insert usb cable, Insert battery 2.power off Phone, Remove & Reinsert Battery , insert USB Cable (In Case Some Phone Required to hold bootkey) Waiting for Phone Usb…. Phone found : SPRD U2S … Continue reading

Samsung G360H cert write done thanks Octoplus

Platform: Samsung Android Selected port: COM1 Selected model: SM-G360H Selected file: D:\CERT OK\G360H\Cert-SM-G360H_357386060432475_RZ1FC10576L.cert Select Certificate2… Selected file: D:\CERT OK\G360H\Cert-SM-G360H_357387060432473_RZ1FC10576L.cert Detected phone model: SM-G360H Firmware compiled date: Fri Dec 19 17:40:30 KST 2014 PDA version: G360HDDU0ANL3 CSC version: G360HODD0ANL2 SW version: G360HDDU0ANL3 Phone IMEI: 359884063241115 Phone SN: R21G52T9R4D Android version: 4.4.4 (KTU84P) Sales code: BNG Country: … Continue reading

write dump y625-u32 by HQT

write dump y625-u32 by HQT

Read and write dump g630-u10


asus z00ed write Security phone dead

IMPORTANT NOTE: DON’T CONNECT MULTIPLE ANDROID DEVICE IN USB DEBUGGING MODE AT SAME TIME! Waiting For Device… OK[WinUSB] Please Tap on ‘OK’ in ‘Allow Usb Debugging;’ Pop-up on Device Screen! Device Status: [ONLINE] Model : ASUS_Z00ED Manufacturer : ASUS_Z00ED Serial No. : G4AZCY03H512 Baseband : msm BaseBand Version : SW Version : LRX22G.WW_Phone- Custom Version … Continue reading

Samsung sm n910s cert write done others fail with error or security damaged

Using Version… Selected Model SM-N910S Selected Task SAM CERT WRITE ADB Searching ADB device Please wait.. Device Detected… model:= SM-N910S Androids Version:= 6.0.1 Description Version:= trelteskt-user 6.0.1 MMB29K N910SKSU2DPD6 release-keys Platform:= exynos5 [ universal5433 ] [ SS303 ] Baseband:= N910SKSU0COL1 VER:= N910SKSU2DPD6/N910SSKC2DPD6/N910SKSU0COL1/N910SKSU2DPD6 Carrier := SKC_KOREA Security Patch := 02-04-2016 Network Mode := LTE Simstatus:= NOT_READY … Continue reading

How to Cert Write on N910T 5.1.1 OK2 Without wiping EFS

This has been done before and other have shown logs its possible, trick is to downgrade modem. Reset msl and then reflash modem and write cert. z3x works for this use the phone tab in flash Flash NK4 modem Reset MSL Reboot to download Flask DOK2 modem Write cert For unlock only write nk4 modem … Continue reading

micromax ad 4500 imei cant write

>>Current Task: USB Wirte IMEI >> >>Operation: 1. Power off the phone. 2. Please insert USB cable within 40 seconds. >> >>MediaTek PreLoader USB VCOM (Android) (COM11) >> >>Connecting… >>CPU TYPE:MT6571 >>Hardware version:CA00 >>Software version:0000 >>SecCfgVal :0x00000000 >>BromVersion :0xFF >>BLVersion :0x01 >>Boot downloading…

oppo neo 5 R1201 imei write error set is working ok with imei invalid

Current Task: USB Wirte IMEI >> >>Operation: 1. Power off the phone. 2. Please insert USB cable within 40 seconds. >> >>MTK USB Port (COM4) >> >>Connecting… >>CPU TYPE:MT6582 >>Hardware version:CA01 >>Software version:0001 >>SecCfgVal :0x00000000 >>BromVersion :0x05 >>BLVersion :0xFE >>Boot downloading complete! >>not find id.